The farm was born in 1994, has about 700 olive trees and directly manages 15 hectares of vineyards of tuscan native vine varieties.  In addition to the excellent extra virgin olive oil, fruit jams, vin santo, aromatic vinegar, the company produces its own wine cellar in 8 different types of wine.

Thanks to the close cooperation with the company Dalle Nostre Mani (From Our Own Hands), the company La Pineta ships its wine throughout the national territory, to Spain, China and the United States.  With the company Dalle Nostre Mani it supports the development and qualification of the territory, which includes the preservation of Tuscan wine germplasm and the implantation of particular indigenous varieties, also preserving the old semi-abandoned vineyards.

The company is managed according to the reg.  EC 834/2007.

In the production of vegetables, fruits and wine we do not use chemical fertilizers and synthetic herbicides and pesticides pollutants, but only natural products safe and environmentally friendly.

Even in the preparation of jams, wine, oil, aromatic vinegar and food, the company works in compliance with ethical natural principles, avoiding added chemicals and agents that divert the natural characteristics of the product.